Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Prenatal Chiropractor in West Edmonton

Dr. Wendy Coburn encourages expecting mothers to receive prenatal chiropractic care during their pregnancies. Seeing a prenatal chiropractor can help ease symptoms of pregnancy while creating optimal conditions for an easier labor and birth. Adjustments during pregnancy can decrease labor time by as much as 25 percent for first-time mothers and up to 40 percent for mothers of multiple children.

How Chiropractic Helps Prenatal Mothers

As the body changes during pregnancy, so do an expectant mother’s needs. Dr. Wendy will make your adjustments as easy and comfortable as possible. Spinal tables with pelvic drops help create additional room for growing abdomens. Special pillows and other tools help release muscle tension and make mom more comfortable.

During training through ICPA, Dr. Wendy studied the Webster Technique, which helps provide a better environment for babies to turn themselves into proper head-down position for delivery. 

After delivery, Dr. Wendy offers chiropractic care for infants and newborns. 

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Back pain during pregnancy? Dr. Wendy encourages women to receive prenatal chiropractic care during their pregnancies.

Pain changes everything.

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Chiropractic and Health Resources

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