Classes with Core Strength Pilates 

Your Instructor: Allysia Nicolle

Allysia has always loved the body in motion. She started dancing at the age of four and before graduating from High School, Allysia completed the Advanced levels in both, R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) and Cecchetti Method. She also spent 3 summers training at the Banff School of Fine Arts Summer Dance Program.

After High School, she moved to Chicago on a dance scholarship to pursue her career in dance…and also to study. It was in Chicago that she was first introduced to Pilates as it was an integral part of her dance training. In her final year, just before graduation, Allysia tore her ACL playing basketball. Upon graduating, Allysia found herself back in Edmonton having her knee reconstructed and commenced a rigorous sports rehabilitation program. Her program included Pilates; it was here that she fell in love with the Pilates method. Pilates helped her regain her range of motion and build up the strength that she had lost. With full function of her knee, Allysia did return to the dance world by accepting a contract with Disney.

Currently, Allysia is working towards a full STOTT Pilates® certification and recently taught Group and Private Reformer classes at the Edmonton Pilates Centre. She also works as a Physical Therapy Aide and is working towards a MSc in Physical Therapy. In her spare time you can find Allysia taking a dance, Pilates, yoga class or enjoying the beautiful Edmonton summers on the golf course.

Pilates Hours: 
Monday: No classes. 
Tuesday: 2pm – 9pm
Wednesday: 7am – 1pm & 6pm – 9pm
Thursday: No classes. 
Friday: 7am – 12pm & 3pm – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Sunday: 9am – 1pm

Private and group classes available. 

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Contact Allysia to book your session: 

(780) 953-4764

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph H. Pilates. His methodology and design of his exercises focus on creating a balanced body. A balanced body is a conditioned body that moves with strength, flexibility, and endurance. It focuses on core strength and stability, which includes stabilizing the pelvic and shoulder girdle and maintaining postural alignment while in motion.


The short answer…EVERYONE!

Get the body you’ve always wanted:

-Stronger and more stable Core
-Longer, leaner muscles
-Relief from stress or back pain
-Better posture, balance, and coordination
-Enhance mind-body awareness
-Injury prevention
-Effective post-rehabilitation program
-Compliment to athletic training

Your First Class

What to expect for your first class:

– Wear gym clothes
– Bottle of water & towel
– Introduction to Pilates by learning the basic principles of proper alignment and equipment safety
– Instruction of the fundamental movements


For pricing details

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(780) 953-4764