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There is more to Chiropractic than pain care. Many issues can be found at the structure of the spine. By helping to change the structure, the body can help exponentially more than a specific symptom, the body overall is that much more vital, stronger. When we impact that structure and help it heal, we can impact many other chronic issues.

Family Care

Birth Trauma
Bed wetting
Behavioural problems
Colic & fussing
Ear infections
Frequent colds and flu’s
Growing pains

Pregnancy Care

Protruding abdomen
Increased back curve
Pelvic changes
Postural adaptations
Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
Controlling symptoms of nausea
Reducing the time of labor and delivery
Relieving back, neck or joint pain
Preventing a potential cesarean delivery

Structural Wellness

Lack of energy
Walking abnormalities
Digestive Issues
Menstrual Pain
Cold & flu
Vision problems

Foundation Training

Back or neck pain
Strains and sprains
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
Work related injuries
Sport injuries


Pilates exercises focus on creating a balanced body. A balanced body is a conditioned body that moves with strength, flexibility, and endurance. Join Allysia for ongoing classes at our studio!

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Migraine Sufferers NEED a Chiropractor Recent Research Explains why …

Migraine Sufferers NEED a Chiropractor Recent Research Explains why …

Migraines consist of severe, painful headaches which can last for hours or days. The pain arrives accompanied by flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea,…
Chiropractic Bring a Proven Balance to the Body During Times of Stress

Chiropractic Bring a Proven Balance to the Body During Times of Stress

Stress presents a consistent adversary throughout every season and some seasons prove to be more stressful than others. Parents become more stressed when children endure transition periods that come with…
Better Sleep Means Better Healing

Better Sleep Means Better Healing

Chiropractic Adjustment Release Sleep Hormones Healing requires sleep. Chiropractic adjustments unlock specific hormones required for good sleep. The body needs sleep in order to recover and initiate restoration from the…

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