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There is more to Chiropractic than pain care. Many issues can be found at the structure of the spine. By helping to change the structure, the body can help exponentially more than a specific symptom, the body overall is that much more vital, stronger. When we impact that structure and help it heal, we can impact many other chronic issues.

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Pilates exercises focus on creating a balanced body. A balanced body is a conditioned body that moves with strength, flexibility, and endurance. Join Allysia for ongoing classes at our studio!

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Books to Read for Moms

If you are expecting a little one or have recently welcomed a new babe into the family some book suggestions for you; Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May…

Lose the Shoes

Lose the shoes – preferably indoors in the winter months. Being barefoot for everyone for periods of time helps to stimulate the brain and nerve pathways throughout the body. Having…
Movement is a lesson that is so Important for development and focus

Movement is a lesson that is so Important for development and focus

Movement encourages different body systems to develop and strengthen for overall health.  To particular systems are the proprioceptive and vestibular systems for balance and coordination.  The best time to develop…

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