Raising a Wellness Pre-Schooler

The true definition of wellness is more a active pursuit of well-being.   A parent's wish is to have a well-balanced and healthy child.


Wellness is more than the absence of childhood illness, but is an achievement of health - physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Age 0-6 years:  This phase of your child's life their spine and nerve system will undergo significant growth.  The purpose of the spine is to house and protect your preschooler's nervous system.  The brain, spinal cord and nerves which are the master controlled and regulator of all their body's systems.


At birth your child should be born with a healthy curve in their neck and will develop curves in their upper back and lower back as they begin to crawl and then walk.  Your child's spine should be growing straight from the front and back and from the side have healthy normal curves.  As your child is growing and their curves developing this makes typical falls and tumbles  a big deal, be it they fall thousands of times as they learn to walk, run and play.  With these minor trauma's be it day to day or in sport, i.e. hockey, the spinal bones may lose their normal position or ability to move causing interference to your child's nervous system.


While your child in most cases won't experience back pain when this interference occurs, interference to the nervous system may take months or even years to manifest symptoms.


We ask that you don't wait for symptoms to manifest - but periodically have your child's posture and spine checked by a chiropractor.  We look to see if their posture is in alignment if their shouulders and hips are level, and what their balance and coordination is like.   We also check if the muscles suppoting their spine are active versus tight and weak or imbalanced.


We have our children's teeth, heart beat, eyes all checked regularly.  Why not their growing spines and nerve systems which helps them function, grow and heal?



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