Pediatric Chiropractic Care - WHY?

Pediatric Chiropractic Care - WHY?

The period from birth to 2, may be the most dynamic and important phase of postnatal brain development in humans. The brain reaches 80-90% of adult volume during this time period. Cognitive and motor development form in early childhood, as well as the potential pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders. Concurrent with the rapid pace of structural brain development is an equally rapid development of a wide range of cognitive and motor functions.

This time frame sets the baseline for future developmental potential on all levels

Brain Growth and Development

  • Year one 1,000-100,000 synapses 
  • 21/2 - 3 times its birth size year one
  • Cerebellum 240% 1st year
  • Age 2 80-90% adult volume especially gray matter
  • By age 6 90% motor/sensory integration
  • Full myelination age 10
  • Intercommunication neurons

The large increase in total brain volume in the first year of life suggests that this is a critical period in which disruption of developmental processes, as the result of innate genetic abnormalities or as a consequence of environmental insults, may have long-lasting or permanent effects on brain structure and function.  

Birth through age six is the most influential period of growth and development as the brain records all sensory experiences as well as learning motor and sensory developmental skills - through environmental and social cues. Damage at any stage prior to the preliminary development of these functions will cause compensatory patterns to either be learned or occur naturally to allow us to interact with our environment to the best of our ability.

These facts that there is a pressing clinical need to identify children at risk for developmental disorders within the first year of life and to initiate appropriate interventions.


Chiropractic's Role 

"The only true subluxation you ever see must be in a child prior to the age of seven years. That subluxation is an actual vertebral misalignment with muscle protectors. If this subluxation goes uncorrected it becomes a primary source of stimulus through life.  Subluxations of the atlas-occipital region or atlas-axis area will cause the primary respiratory mechanism to distort and cause abnormal stress of the meningeal system... Almost all of these subluxations occur before the seventh year of life."

Major Bertrand DeJarnette, DC "Philosophy Art and Science of Sacro Occipital Technique®

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