Meet Dr. Wendy Coburn

Hello, I am a wife, a mom, a triathlete, and a chiropractor, who has a passion for helping individuals. I moved to Edmonton in 1999 from Guelph, Ontario. Since I have moved here Edmonton and area, has blessed me and my family.

As a teenager, I was in a car accident and was referred for chiropractic care from a teacher.

I was a passenger in a vehicle going no more than 10 km’s and hour. I was a passenger in the back wearing a lap belt. At the time of the accident no one was injured or so we thought.

Two months later I couldn’t walk, couldn’t get out of bed. At the age of 17 I was in high school, and an avid horseback rider. I competed in 3 day events. In order to ride my horse I had to ride my bike quite often 10 km’s to the barn.

Needless to say not being able to walk, I couldn’t go to school, nor pursue my other activities. I was originally told I strained a muscle in my back perhaps from riding as I didn’t have any symptoms until 2 months after the car accident.

I went to the chiropractor and she diagnosed me with a disc bulge, injured spinal cord and spine with muscle spasm.

Through a thorough examination, x-rays and report of findings – I was on my way to transforming my life. I started chiropractic care 3 times a week for several weeks and over a year or so my spine was stabilized.

I then pursued chiropractic with vengeance. I completed my undergraduate Physical Education Degree, now known as a Kinesiology degree, and went off to chiropractic college.

While in school I worked for different chiropractors and got to see the miracles happening around the country for people receiving care. I saw everyone getting help, from babies to great grandparents. This strengthened my conviction to become a chiropractor.

Over the years as more and more research has come out – the need for chiropractic in everyone’s life is imminent. Chiropractic is not something we need just in case, or in case of emergency, it is something we should all be incorporating into our monthly routine as part of our healthy lifestyle.

As a doctor of chiropractic I try to live what I teach. As a family we try to eat as best we can and get out and exercise on a regular basis. Stress happens to all of us, and I manage it through laughing with my family, reading, drawing, and training for triathlons. I had the amazing fortune of being able to participate in the Kona, Hawaii Ironman October 9, 2010. I swam 4.86 km, biked 180 km’s, and ran a marathon 42.2 km’s. Had I not been introduced to chiropractic I don’t know where I would be.

I know my pregnancies and deliveries of my 3 gorgeous children would not have gone so smoothly, I know I would not have done so well, or maybe even been able to do an ironman let alone run a marathon.

Kevin my husband also participates in half and full Ironman events throughout the year and is much more competitive than I.

Our eldest, Eric, turned 11 this year and loves anything that allows him to move. His smile lights up the room. Esprit is precious, she is 9. She is loving and joyful. She is outgoing and thirsts for more and more challenges. You look at her and she makes you smile, as she is beautiful inside and out. Jamie is 8. He is compassionate, loves to create and wants to be a builder one day.

Now a few words of thanks.
Thank you chiropractic. Thank you to Kevin and our children, Eric, Esprit and Jamie. Thank you to my Parents Eric, Yvonne and my older brother Stephen for all your support. Thank you to my amazing in-laws that assist when I am off learning more about chiropractic as you care for our children. Thank you to my great teams over the years. Thank you Edmonton and surrounding areas, and all those individuals who have helped me grow as an individual along the way.

I look forward to helping more individuals become healthier – so we can have a healthier community, city, and country.

— Dr. Wendy Coburn

West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio

Dr Wendy caring for a patient
Dr Wendy Coburn is an active Triathaloner!
Dr Wendy is an active Triathaloner!

Let’s get you back to wellness.

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