Importance of Pediatric Chiropractic Care



Below is a great outline of the importance of pediatric chiropractic care as outlined by Dr. Martin Rosen - Boston



Brain Growth and Neurological Development

* Year one: 1000-100000 synapses are formed as the brain grows 2-3 times its birth size

* Age 2: 80-90% adult volume especially gray matter is present

* Full myelination occurs by age 10 and the intercommunication neurons are now completely established

* Ninety percent of the neurological development and synaptic connections are completed by age 6 (By age 6: 90% motor/sensory integration has occurred)

* Myelination of most of the axons of the major spinal tracks and the cerebrum are largely completed by the end of the second year of postnatal life, while full myelination is completed after the tenth year.

* At birth the cerebellum grows so rapidly that by the onset of puberty its surface area has increased fourfold (240% increase in size).

* Structures such as the reticular formation, commissural neurons, and intercortical association areas mature after the tenth year of life.

* The dendrites of the cortical neurons are rudimentary at birth, but during the first year of life, each cortical neuron develops 1,000 to 100,000 connections with other neurons.

* Neurological facilitation at any point in the development of the CNS will have permanent and far reaching effects on the functional outcome of the nervous system.

"If corrections to the subluxation complexes are not made at this point in time or soon afterwards, studies have shown that these children will function at reduced capacity later in life. Damage at any stage prior to the preliminary development of these functions will cause compensatory patterns to be learned or occur naturally, which allow us to interact with our environment to the best of our ability. Therefore every child should be checked for spinal and cranial subluxations immediately after birth."
Martin Rosen, DC, CSCP, CSPP

"The only true subluxation you ever see must be in a child prior to the age of 7 years. If this subluxation goes uncorrected it becomes a primary source of stimulus through life, but the tombs of distortion, which form from one traumatic experience to the other, soon bury this primary subluxation under that 'tomb of distortions.'... The subluxation that all of us worry about occurred some time between birth and

the seventh year of life, and the remedy would of course be careful chiropractic care from birth through the seventh year of life.

Major Bertrand DeJarnette, The Science Art and Philosophy of Sacro Occipital Technique, 1967



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