Nervous System Spinal Scans


The Corescore measures stress and tension where it is building up in your core that could be affecting your entire health.  There are two cores in the body, the support core and the vertical core.  Everyone is familiar with the support core, it is around our waist, but the Corescore measures the vertical core (think an apple core).  The vertical core is referred to as the communication core – connecting the brain to the rest of the body through your nervous system. 

• Evaluates your support and communication core in your body.
• Helps track your progress while under chiropractic care.

There are three sensors that determine where stress and tension are building up. These three tests are used to determine your Corescore.


sEMG – Muscle Scan

Nerves supply our muscles.  How well your muscles are working within your spinal core is determined by the sEMG scan.  Subluxations disturb nerve function causing abnormal patterns and/or imbalanced activity in your muscles.


Thermal Scan

This scan shows what temperatures are being managed along your spine. The blood vessels under your skin work as your thermostat.  When the communication between your nervous system and blood vessels is disturbed, the temperatures along your spine become imbalanced and the rolling thermal scan picks up these asymmetries.


HRV – Heart Rate Variability

• This sensor looks at how much “reserve” your body has for managing stress in your life.
• Identifies how your heart rate and rhythm is affected by your stress.
• How well are you adapting to the stress in your life?


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