Our Mission

I am a Chiropractor. I will provide principled Chiropractic. Today I will love everyone, serve everyone, and give the message of chiropractic to everyone. Every man, woman, and child needs Chiropractic. Thereby, allowing everyone in becoming and remaining subluxation free. At no time, will I withhold the truth of chiropractic for fear of ridicule.

I am an expert at detecting and correcting subluxations. I will correct subluxations on everyone I care for today. When I deliver a chiropractic adjustment, the power within them, heals them, every time without exception. 

Today, I ask for the strength to serve all those who are coming to seek my help. I ask for the love to give fully to each one individually. I ask for the innate wisdom to correct every subluxation I lay my hands on today. I ask for your help so that Today others may share in the benefits and full expression of optimal health that chiropractic provides.  Today, I serve God by serving others through the gift of chiropractic.

Thinking Globally - Acting Globally

West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Helps Raise Funds For "Chiropractors With Compassion"

Since February 2005, West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio has had an alliance with "Chiropractors with Compassion", a charity that has partnered with Compassion Canada.

"Chiropractors with Compassion" is a charity that raises money to release children from poverty. West Edmonton Family Chiropractic will be donating $20.00 from each of our first visit fees to fund child-centered projects worldwide.

Many of our clients have referred in family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to receive their first visit. They are thrilled in knowing that $20.00 of their visit is being given to a great charity like "Chiropractors with Compassion". Not only can change the lives of your friends and family, but can help save children around the world.

We have raised $62,000 for our first project in Kisoro, Uganda, and are now working at raising $100,000 for the S.T.E.P program in Kenya. Project information is available in our office, or on the Compassion Canada website on the "Community Projects" page.

About Chiropractors with Compassion:

Chiropractors with Compassion is a non-profit organization associated through Compassion Canada. Chiropractors with Compassion originated in May 2004 by Dr. Marie Geschwandtner, Holly Quirk, Dr. Yurij Chewpa and Dr. Edward Quirk. By organizing this charity, many chiropractors are able to raise money to fulfill projects in third world countries like Uganda and Kenya. For more information on Compassion Canada, please visit www.compassion.ca.

Alberta's Promise is a movement to facilitate Partnerships between communities, businesses, service clubs, foundations and agencies to work together to direct more resources to benefit our children and youth.

Alberta's Promise celebrates successes and recognizes Partnerships to motivate all Albertans to raise awareness of the importance of investing in Alberta's children and youth.

Alberta's Promise is not involved in fund development nor does Alberta's Promise deliver programs to children and youth. Alberta's Promise does not solicit nor direct funds or make direct matches between partners.

Make a Promise... Make it Happen!

The Little Red Wagon and the reason for it:
" ...every child should have a Little Red Wagon ... A Little Red Wagon to pull around the heavy load of life ... A Little Red Wagon to pull around his or her dreams. The Little Red Wagon also has a very long handle so that an adult can come along and help when the road is particularly difficult or rocky".

Alberta's Promise was established in April 2003 through an act of the Alberta Legislature. An administrative arm was created to promote and facilitate the mandate of Alberta's Promise to recognize Partnerships between Promise Partners to benefit Alberta's children and youth.


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