Lectures and Workshops for Your Organization 

Dr. Wendy Coburn is available as a guest speaker for your business, organization or group as a community service. She has a diverse repertoire of topics for speaking. You may choose which ever may serve your business or organization the best, although something can always be tailored specifically for your group: 

  • The Extraordinary Healing Power of the Human Body
  • Where Does Health Come From?
  • The Amazing Human Body: How It Takes Care of You?
  • Design for Passionate Living: Unleash the Power within YOU!
  • Build a TITANIUM IMMUNE SYSTEM - Ways To Increase Your Energy, Health and Vitality
  • How To Handle Stress: Be More Adaptable To A Changing World
  • What Holds You Back From Expressing Your Full Potential?
  • How To Raise A Healthier Family
  • Ways Your Child Can Reach Their Full Health Potential
  • Peak Performance: Chiropractic and Athletes!
  • The Two Sides of Birth
  • The Miracle of Pregnancy: The Wisdom of the Body
  • How The Birth Process Can Limit Our Children's Potential 
  • Analysis of the 'Health Care' System in Canada
  • Ways To Increase Productivity in the Workplace
  • The Key to Health: Clear communication in the Body
  • How To Have a More Active Lifestyle - Aging Gracefully


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