Lectures and Workshops for Your Organization 

Dr. Wendy Coburn is available as a guest speaker for your business, organization or group as a community service. She has a diverse repertoire of topics for speaking. You may choose which ever may serve your business or organization the best, although something can always be tailored specifically for your group: 

  • #Stress - what directions does it come from?  How to adapt to it to stay healthy!
  • Building a strong #immunity for you and your family
  • Prenatal Care
  • Postnatal Care for the whole family
  • #Pediatric Care
  • #SportsPerformance
  • #nutrition and #nervesystem health
  • #health from within and how you can strengthen your bodies ability to #adapt
  • #how to move in the direction of #optimal you #reach your #potential
  • #Children and #Stress
  • #Children's #current #health and how to make it #stronger

These are just a few topics - requests for different topics and health assessments are available


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