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Connection - Relationship - 80,000 thoughts a day and 80% are negative

What if the statistic was different - what if 80% of our 80,000 thoughts were positive?  Take a moment and visualize what the world would be like.......


Sources of input into our system that add negativity can be billboards, magazines, books, newspapers, news, social media, music, radio stations, conversations with co-workers/friends or family, environment, just to name a few.


What do you do to try and do all you can to surround yourself with positive input, via image, sound, print?  Have you considered it or thought of it to be important.  If you are an anxious person do you still read books and watch shows that are murder mysteries that invoke suspense and fear thus adding to anxiety?  Have you considered this?


What fuels you? Do you need to make some change to help redirect your subconscious to support positivity versus negativity?   Maybe you do, maybe you don't maybe it is not on your radar - that is ok.  This is for those of you looking to make a change at a different level.


Speak life - listen to life giving words or encouragement - read what resonates and encourages you - place this in front of you daily - and in front of your children - try it for 10 plus days and see if you notice a difference in your attitude, perception, response to situations - to life.


I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg here - just opening some windows and doors.


Let me know how you make out.


Dr. Wendy Coburn

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