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Care versus Treatment

As a Chiropractor I am here to provide care.   As a chiropractor we look for interference (aka subluxation) in the spine/neurology that is not allowing the body to stay healthy and strong and adapt to life coming at it.  A Chiropractic check is provided to determine if someone requires a chiropractic adjustment to remove interference to the nerve system/spine to help the body adapt better, stronger, healthier to life.  See More >

10 Reasons Why a Healthy Child seeks Chiropractic

From - Jenn Floreani  See More >

#Humbolt #Hockey #Canada

Sending thoughts and prayers to the hearts of #Canadians and many more around the globe impacted by this.  Anywhere you look you can reach out and see and feel how close this impacts so many. There are no words - I pray you know and feel you are loved and supported while on this journey.  See More >

Babies Need Chiropractic Too 1

Research shows pregnancy ad the birth process  can alter the position and movement of newborns' spines.  Chiropractors check and correct spinal abnormalities (subluxations) to reduce interference (stress) from the central nervous system.  The reduction of nervous system interference through better spinal health allows a baby, child, or adult to maximize structure, mobility, and function in their entire body.  See More >

Poor Posture Attacks Your Health

                                                 See More >

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