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Parachute’s Protocol for return to learn after a Concussion

  1. Move forward to the next stage only when symptom-free for 24 hours
  2. If symptoms re-appear regress to previous stages and only participate in activities that you can tolerate
  3. Contact your physician or seek medical help immediately if symptoms worsen.
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Life Like an Apple Connected to it’s Source or a Bad Apple! Where do you stand?

Why does the bad apple spoil the bunch? Is it because they are all disconnected from the source of LIFE.  See More >

Developing Warriors Not Winners

(This week’s blog is written by Reed Maltbie, our new Chief Content Officer and Lead Presenter for Changing the Game Project. If you haven’t seen Reed present for us yet, check out his amazing TED talk on the lasting power of a coach’s words. Drop him a line at to say hello or if you interested in having him come and present to your school or sports association, We are excited to have him on board driving our movement forward!)  See More >

Acid Reflux and the Phrenic Nerve

So what's the connection between the neck and acid reflux disease? The phrenic nerve.  See More >

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