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Caffeine and the Aware Parent

Caffeine and the Aware Parent  See More >

Childhood Obesity and the Aware Parent

Childhood Obesity and the Aware Parent  See More >

The Well-Balanced Child

The Well-Balanced Child  See More >

Car Seats And Your Childs Safety

Car Seats & Your Child’s Safety  See More >

The vagus nerve - emotions and the difficulty with mindfulness practices

“Now, many people who don’t know a lot about trauma think that trauma has something to do with something that happened to you a long time ago. In fact, the past is the past and the only thing that matters is what happens right now. And what is trauma is the residue that a past event leaves in your own sensory experiences in your body and it’s not that event out there that becomes intolerable but the physical sensations with which you live that become intolerable and you will do anything to make them go away.”  See More >

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The Chiropractic Cancer Foundation for Children